Our Services

Dodge-Thomas Funeral Home has maintained a tradition of personal attention to our families individuals needs. We are caring and experienced professionals who are committed to taking care of every detail at your request. Our funeral directors are well versed in the funeral traditions of all faiths and backgrounds. We offer professional direction of services, whether held in the funeral home, church, burial, cremation, synagogue, cemetery, crematory or mausoleum.

A funeral is a very personal event, and there is no standard practice. The type of funeral service provided is influenced by many factors including tradition, custom, religion and individual preference. We believe that funerals need to be adaptive in order to suit each individual family’s needs and wishes.

Please feel confident knowing that we will answer any of your questions in a clear and comprehensive manner.  We take the time to fully explain all of our services offered, as well as our pricing information so that you are comfortably informed. We will ensure that the arrangements you make be carried out with dignity, compassion and precision.

Guy T. Minutoli